Success Testimonials



- Beata Zygmunt, Field Supervisor

“I started working for New England Air Solutions back in 2014. Before that I only had experience in entry level low-paying manual labor jobs. What I liked about NEAS was the people, the environment, the flexible schedule, and the performance based bonuses. Even though I had no previous customer service experience, their great training program is what helped get me to where I'm at today in the company. I am currently in management with hopes to be running one of their branch offices in the near future. I would tell anybody thinking of starting at NEAS to go for it and experience what I have so far.”


- Mark Alvord, Senior Representative

“ I've been with New England Air Solutions since 2014. I came into the business with absolutely no knowledge of their products or equipment, but with extensive training and dedicated leadership I was able to start fulfilling my career goals. Within 2 months of starting I was promoted to my current position. I now have the confidence that if I apply myself and follow their proven methods my potential is unlimited. I love the fact that they promoted me based on my performance and not what I have done in the past. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a real career in a rewarding business to check out NEAS.”



- Jeremy Groome, Senior Field Supervisor

“ When I first started at New England Air Solutions, I had no experience in the air purification field. With the extensive training program they provided, I was able to acquire a management position within 60 days of my initial date of hire. Since then, I am now on track to run one of the companies branches in the beginning of 2014.

Joining the New England Air Solutions team is by far the best decisions I have ever made in my professional life.”